Engineering Excellence at Every Stage

Our quality ethos from project inception to completion is not limited to the service or product itself, we embrace the entire process, from the early specification to the implementation and after-sales. Quality is not the result of a single link in the chain - it is the sum of all steps.

Our Credentials

We continue to provide highly engineered customer driven valve solutions. We have installed hundreds of water, waste water, dams, reservoirs, hydropower, and flood defence projects across the world, and are committed delivering tailor made solutions to the highest standards, that meet or exceed national and international standards, ensures that we continue to build on our exemplary history of delivering engineering excellence.

Quality Management

Our uncompromised approach to quality has created a foundation of respect and a sense of security amongst our partners. All of our factories are continuously subject to quality improvement and each factory is certified according to ISO 9001. In addition the majority of AVK companies are also certified according to ISO/TS 29001, providing global consistency and improved assurance in the supply of quality goods.

Health & Safety

Certified to ISO 45001, we are dedicated to offering our partners the highest safety standards. Our products are part of complex systems, handling vital processes every day. Our products fulfil and often exceed international standards and approvals and all new products undergo rigorous testing in line with our stringent quality control procedures, including computer simulation, prototype tests, accelerated lifetime tests, destructive tests, and practical field tests.

Supply Chain

Products manufactured by the AVK Group are developed and processed in modern factories using state of the art technology and robotics for precision and consistency. It is essential that the quality level of all AVK products fully comply with customer requirements and expectations.

Strategic Partner Selection

Our selection of suppliers is based on strict investigations and auditing; we test their ability to supply materials and services in accordance with the set rules and standards required by us. In principle suppliers must live up to the same rules and standards that apply to any of our own production units.

Environmental Management

Certified to ISO 14001, we are committed to conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner and recognise the need to continually improve our operations in order to reduce the effects on the environment. We have in place a number of environmental objectives and targets against which we measure our improvement in environmental performance, including a 5-year carbon reduction programme.

Modern Slavery

The AVK group of companies is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in its supply chains or in any part of our business. The Group acts ethically and with integrity in all its business relationships. The Group promote and implement effective systems to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in the business or its supply chains.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The AVK Group of companies actively support the Global UN Goals, focusing on a sustainable future for all. As global market leaders our goal is to minimise water losses and contribute to a more sustainable future, where resources are used and managed wisely. We are proud to be one of the leading producers of valves and penstocks in the international market, this prominent position demands high ethical standards, a responsibility that we recognise and uphold through the UN Global Compact Principles.

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