Penstock design, manufacture and installation

Glenfield Invicta has established a reputation within the UK Water Industry of being the ‘go to’ solution provider for penstock supply and installation.

This deserved reputation has been achieved by ensuring that the right solution is chosen as is ‘fit for purpose’ in addition that it is installed correctly by our highly skilled and experienced engineers, avoiding costly delays and frustrating call backs for problems with leakage or faulty operation.

Specialists in Penstock Know-how

Although one of the simplest types of valves used in the UK Water Industry, penstocks are notoriously difficult to install. Our fully certified Engineering Site Solutions Team have the expertise and knowledge to install and maintain your asset. As a dedicated member of the AVK Group we work closely with our specialist penstock manufacturer, Orbinox to deliver high quality penstocks and together we can deliver an end-to-end solution covering concept to completion. 

Our extensive range of high-quality penstocks includes:

  • Hand stop or Stop Gate
  • Wall mounted
  • Slide Roller Gate
  • Channel Mounting
  • Weir Penstock
  • Stop Logs
  • Round and Rectangular Flap Valves
  • Bespoke Penstock design

Are you looking to speak to an expert about penstocks?

Please contact Alex Philo, our dedicated in-house penstocks expert, call him directly or if you would prefer to email simply click on the email link.


Mogden Treatment Plant

A complex and challenging penstock design, manufacture, and installation project for one of the country’s largest treatment plants.